Biodegradable and compostable shopping bags

Biodegradable and compostable shopping bags for the large-scale distribution represent our flagship product.

Our constant investments in production machinery and the emphasis we put on quality and efficiency during every phase of our production process allow us to provide a top-quality product, in large amounts and at competitive prices. This is why many large retailers in Italy choose us as their to-go supplier.

Sorted waste collection

Erretiplast supplies garbage bags in roll for waste collection, all in different colors and size.


  • High resistance (triple-layer material)
  • Space saving (roll-type, double-fold packaging)
  • High recycled material content (in certain products)

Available formats

  • 110 liters (shared bin)
  • 30 liters (home/office bins)
  • Others on demand

Typical colors: Transparent, purple and yellow.

Organic waste collection

Bags for the collection of organic waste.

Nowadays, separate sorting of organic waste has become widespread. Erretiplast markets handy roll-type biodegradable bags that are suitable for this kind of waste collection, to be destined for home-composting or industrial, large-scale composting.


  • 6,5 liters (35x42cm)
  • 10 liters (42x44cm)
  • 30 liters (50x60cm)
  • 110 liters (70x110cm)
  • Others on demand