Our certificates

  • ISO 9001:2008: it certifies the presence of a quality-oriented business management system that is also focused on the satisfaction of the customer’s needs, while assuring the product traceability throughout every phase of its processing.
  • CSI High Performance Bag: it guarantees the compliance of our shopping bags to strict requirements regarding tensile strength and resistance under both static and dynamic loads.
  • CSI Recycled Plastic (min. 60%): it certifies that some of our bags have at least a 60% recycled plastic content, and this percentage can rise up to 80% in certain products.
  • TUV Austria “OK-Compost”: this label is placed on all of our biodegradable and compostable bags and it proves they are suitable for biodegradability and composting in industrial composting plants, according to the EN 13432:2002 technical standards. In Italy this requirement is compulsory by law for most kind of shopping bags.

Company Policy 2018

Erretiplast SRL Management decided to design and active a Quality Assurance System in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 international standards, in order to better organize its production processes and optimise the company structure, with the purpose of obtaining a total and constant customer satisfaction.

Erretiplast would like to stand out as high-quality shopping and garbage bags manufacturer, by overseeing every phase of the production process (from grain to finished product) and increasingly meeting our customers’ needs.

For this purpose Erretiplast SRL commits to:

    • Fulfil the product requirements and meet the customers’ needs.
    • Constantly improve product and customer service quality standards.
    • Manufacture eco-friendly (biodegradable and/or compostable) products.
    • Manufacture products with recycled raw material.
    • Take advantage of the proper product certification to guarantee the above-mentioned features.
    • Ensure the customer high-quality products through:
      • Suitable technical expertise that can help and advise them during the production process;
      • The control of the main activities due to the proper documentation;
      • The total verification of the suitability and correct execution of those activities;
      • The measurement of the quality system efficiency and its constant enhancement.
    • Guarantee total efficiency during the operating activities to optimise the production costs
    • Respect the current laws and regulations that govern the product and the workplace.

Furthermore, we believe that the periodic assessment of the internal and external background, as well as the opportunities and risks management are essential strategic backup processes for the ideal operational choices that would allow us to achieve the above-mentioned purposes.

10th January 2018, Cassago Brianza
Erretiplast SRL Management